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Our goals

Provision of medicines

Building a hospital

School Supplies

study materials

families sponsorship

Vaccination of children

We believe in our responsibility towards society, And that our services are the right of every needy or injured citizen.

Dr. Basma Al Saadi

President of Altaawun Foundation for Reconstruction and Development

Rahim Al-Khuzaie

Executive manager

Haidar Latif

Lawyer and co-founder

Our vision

Providing quality and innovative services to achieve effective community partnerships in a professional environment, professional staff, charitable and humanitarian activities in the widest possible framework, and to achieve the highest income through raising funds and delivering them to the beneficiaries or employing them in various charitable projects within the country. Legitimacy.


Have been achieved

Clothing distribution


To the children and needy

Equipping school equipment


prepare teachers with high competencies

Providing potable water sources

drinking water

For cities affected by war and poor services

Training courses


To teachers for the awareness

Providing job opportunities and courses


To increase the effectiveness of the role of women in

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Provide treatments

the health

For the affected people and the camp residents

The Foundation has a cadre of women to train rural women for economic empowerment to support their families and psychological training


Volunteer for field survey and office work


Number of women volunteers


Number of male volunteers

Our Sponsorships

We provide a range of sponsorships that aim to improve the state of society and constitute a good image and appearance of social solidarity.


Needy Families

People with special needs

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