Women are a community pillar

Our goal is to support small enterprises for women through the formulation of strategic plans for the management and operation of projects, through coordination between women entrepreneurs and donor institutions providing services.

Through these projects, we target the most disadvantaged women in marginalized urban areas suffering from poverty, especially those who have suddenly become early breadwinners.
Our goal is to provide entrepreneurial women with financial and technical support to create sustainable projects that enable them to live in dignity and without the need of the other, or to support small projects that already exist from both marketing and technical aspects, ensuring the sustainability of the project and enabling women to develop themselves economically and socially.


Provide programs to clarify the concept of the role of women in society


Provide programs to enhance women’s confidence and potential


Provide programs to raise women’s awareness


Provide programs to develop women’s skills


Contributed to provide the right and correct environment for the development of women


Donate with us to develop the level of women


Caring for women of different ages

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