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The infrastructure of any country is the capital of society. It includes all institutions and technical structures that support the society and affect the security of the citizen’s economic, scientific, health and service, such as schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, dams, stations, airports, factories, agricultural production and electricity. Established by society for thousands of years and secured by it, for its great impact on the behavior of the society and its aspirations and goals, those values that have been greatly distorted we need to be reformed together and returned to the previous era.

A view shows houses that were destroyed during a battle between fighters of Libyan forces allied with the U.N.-backed government and Islamic State militants in Sirte, Libya October 28, 2016. REUTERS/Hani Amara

Reconstruction of sidewalks and roads

Destroyed building and cars are seen during fight between Iraqi forces and Islamic State militants in the Old City of Mosul, Iraq July 5, 2017. REUTERS/Alaa Al-Marjani

Reconstruction of destroyed buildings


Addressing rainwater drainage problems


Reconstruction of electrical energy


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