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Development is a process of cognitive and skill empowerment, as it is a process of detonation of energies and creation of creativity resulting in new innovations commensurate with the importance of man as an object characterized by an ambitious and creative mind that deserves this pivotal and this attention, because it is really real wealth and the pillar of development and progress. So he contributed with us in achieving these goals.

The core of development is that it is a human-oriented process where it is its primary focus. Therefore, it was necessary for the Welfare Association to take care of development issues, and to allocate a space commensurate with its importance and specificity, and the amount of societal need, in light of the problems and economic, social and cultural crises that are steadily worsening (such as poverty, unemployment, etc.), in addition to educational problems resulting from ignorance. Demonstrate in the accelerated technological development that forces coercive cultural globalization to societies that require a systematic adult confrontation process that demonstrates the dangers of abandoning authenticity and the human and moral values ​​inherited from human beings.


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