Our activities

Reconstruction Fund Affected by Terrorist Operations

We met with the President of the Fund, Dr. Mustafa Ilhiti, after reviewing the objectives, activities and plans of our institution to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq, especially areas affected by terrorist and poor operations and infrastructure services lagging infrastructure. In the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers based on the NGO Law No. 12 of 2010

Ministry of Education

A meeting was held with Mr. Ali Brahimi, Undersecretary of Education after reviewing the objectives and activities of our organization and providing it with an integrated file where we were provided with statistics and data including the types, numbers and specifications of the schools to be implemented or rehabilitation and furnishing and complete their requirements our institution has been approved within their ministry database and our institution has a workable action plan that includes projects for the purpose of funding from foreign donors for the said purpose.

Ministry of Health

As one of the priorities and plans of our institution is the establishment of a national center for the treatment of drug addiction in Iraq because of the seriousness of this phenomenon and its spread and the absence of specialized centers in this area, our institution had a remarkable activity with donors for the purpose of financing the establishment of such centers and to establish an integrated project includes all the data And statistics, our institution had the following 1- A meeting with the National Mental Health Counselor of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Emad Abdul Razzaq Abdul Ghani and the Director General of Planning, where the idea of our institution for the establishment of such centers has been presented and these plans have already been blessed by the concerned gentlemen in the Ministry of Health As well as achieving many visits to Ibn Al-Rushd Psychiatric Hospital and to meet with the officials in charge of the hospital director and his assistant and provide us with a medical treatment plan integrated with the data was to be the establishment of three national centers to deal with drug addiction (Baghdad, Alb Salahaddin) 2. An integrated project including the work plan, implementation mechanism and feasibility study with the proposed financial budget has been prepared and sent to donors for funding. 3- A cooperation plan has been submitted to the Ministry. The memorandum includes the efforts and coordination of our institution to provide free therapeutic services by Dr. Abbas Suhail Al-Bijawi, Consultant Surgeon in Gastrointestinal Surgery and Cancer Diseases.

Independent High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq

Commission and members of the Commission A briefing was provided on the tasks and work of the Commission and expressed joint cooperation to support our institution to accomplish its work and achieve its objectives Obtaining data on drug addicts, abused women, people with special needs.

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs - Department of Women's Affairs

Where our institution a project to establish a center to accommodate battered women and get all the required data and statistics has been held many meetings for the Department of Women and the deposit of the project integrated with the budget of one of the donors to finance it.

The Ministry of Planning

1- A meeting with the former Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jumaili, was briefed on the overall activities of the ministry in all sectors and the mechanism of distribution and determination of investment, current and operational amounts of the governorates according to criteria approved by the ministries of the State and the governorates He referred his Excellencies the departments of the Ministry of Planning to cooperate with representatives of our institution and provide us with the required information that helps us in the completion of our work. Achieving a meeting with Dr. Azhar Hussein Saleh, Director General of Government Contracts Department at the Ministry of Planning, where she presented a briefing on the lagging and stalled projects and their reasons, the first of which is the lack of sufficient financial allocations to complete them and the ministry's plan to reactivate these contracts and projects to benefit from them. Based on the document of the general framework of the National Plan for Reconstruction and Development, especially for the governorates affected by terrorist and war operations. Like the meeting, the President of the Foundation was invited to attend the reconstruction conference organized by the Iraqi Engineers Association in cooperation with the businessmen. A work that represents its vision for the reconstruction of Iraq was discussed and won the approval of everyone. 3- Achieving a visit and giving a speech with Dr. Hussein Ali Dawood, Director General of Sector Planning Department at the Ministry of Planning, where a workshop was held to discuss the contribution of our institution to the activities of the poverty reduction strategy in Iraq for the next five years, part of which is funded through international grants. 4. It is noteworthy that our delegation, during its meeting with officials of the Ministry of Planning, explained that one of the most important objectives of our institution is to attract funds from international donors for the purpose of implementing projects, services and sustainable development, especially in the governorates affected by terrorist acts.

Muthanna Governorate

Through direct coordination with the province of Muthanna and its departments and in coordination with the deputy Dr. Faleh Abdul Hassan Al-Ziadi and the fact that the province of Muthanna where the poverty rate is the highest rate among the provinces of Iraq in addition to the apparent negligence in infrastructure services and the lack of a real strategy to combat poverty has resulted in efforts to provide our institution with integrated projects The estimated costs pertain to the projects of water stations and maintenance, electricity projects, municipal, health and schools.