The Cooperation Organization adopts the activation and dissemination of the culture of volunteer work to develop the society and benefit from all volunteer efforts, through the development of volunteers’ abilities and self-actualization through training them in different fields in charitable work. Therefore, we launched this website as a starting point for investing the efforts of volunteers and motivating them to participate effectively, by contributing to the establishment of civil society organizations that complement the role of public and private sector institutions in the country to achieve the vision of cooperation.

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Membership conditions

The member must be an Iraqi national or resident in Iraq / who has completed eighteen years of age and fully qualified to accept the rules of procedure of the institution to be of good conduct and behavior / not convicted of an offense violating honor or non-political felony / fill the application form.

Termination of membership

In case of death / In case of resignation application / If convicted of an offense against honor or non-political felony / If he harms the institution in any way / If the member absent and the total number of absences accumulated 60 days without an official excuse Simple.

Members' rights

Obtaining the identity of the institution / participating in events, conferences and seminars inside and outside Iraq / participating in the expression of opinion and the development of changes in the rules of procedure.

Duties of Members

Commitment to the internal regulations and instructions issued / respect of the members and the preservation of the property of the institution / participation in activities and good conduct and behavior / inform the management of the institution when changing the work or residence of the member.